On the web, Google Tasks now lets you see all your tasks at once

An update of Google Tasks on Gmail and Google Calendar now allows you to see at a glance your entire task list and no longer just groups of lists.

On the web, Google Tasks now lets you see all of your tasks at once

If we are familiar with the main Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive or Google Calendar, the firm also offers certain added tools within its various services. This is for example the case of Google Tasks. While this task manager is available directly as apps on Android or iOS, it can also be found in the sidebar in your Gmail inbox or in the online Google Calendar.

It is precisely this sidebar that has been updated by Google. In a blog post posted online this Thursday, the firm indicates that it has reviewed the interface of its task manager. While until now it only looked like a series of check items on a single list, it is now possible to preview all items from different lists.

For example, you can create a list “Clean the apartment” with several tasks like ” to vacuum “, ” to dust “ Where ” changing linens “. It was already allowed to display items in these folders, but until then it was necessary to create several to-do lists and switch between them. Now, these will be displayed one above the other.

The new version of Google Tasks

The new version of Google Tasks // Source: Google

In addition, a new tab has also appeared, allowing you to see, at a glance, your tasks. “Favorites”, or, in any case, those which you considered the most important.

A deployment that is not yet generalized

As the site indicates 9to5Google, this update to Google Tasks has not yet been deployed to all users, whether for personal or work accounts via Google Workspace.

In addition, Google has not updated its Google Tasks application for smartphones to take these new features into account.

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