On TikTok, the “Writtenbymen” trend tackles male gauze


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On TikTok, the women have decided to make a fool of the way female characters are sometimes caricatured by male screenwriters or writers. Under the hahstag “written by men”, they destroy the clichés.

Whether it’s a novel, a series or a movie, there are countless times a female character has sounded wrong because it was written by a male author. On TikTok, this tendency to sexualize or caricature a woman in a work is now ridiculed by many users of the network under the hashtag “written by men”.

Over 55 million video content has already been produced under this name. We see TikTokers taking the stage in humorous videos depicting stereotypes often read or seen in pop culture. The hysterical lover who harasses her date with texts after a date, the sad girl devouring a pot of ice cream or the angry businesswoman are all sexist clichés that are found ridiculed in a few saving minutes.

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Fed up with caricatured feminists

We discover on the platform a girl supposed to be working who gently places her pen in her mouth or an Internet user reading in a mini-skirt, a close-up lingering on her legs. Another TikTokeuse explains “I am a woman written by a man who has breakfast“, by filming dancing in his kitchen and using his whip as a microphone. We also have fun with a”girl who becomes a feminist written by a man“who begins to replace her pink clothes with black ones.

Conversely, the expression #menwrittenbywoman has become a compliment on the social network. Real-life personalities and fictional characters loved by users are highlighted with this hashtag in caption. There are as many Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet as Jamie Fraser fromOutlander or Darcy fromPride and Prejudice.

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