Oncology: Maat Pharma announces the end of the construction of its Isère factory

(AOF) – MaaT Pharma has announced the end of the construction of a factory dedicated to microbiota-based medicines, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier in Isère. The biotech, specialist in the development of microbiotherapies aimed at improving the survival of patients with cancer, has joined forces with Skyepharma, an independent French pharmaceutical subcontractor, expert in solutions for the production of complex drugs, to create this site with surface area of ​​1600 square meters, the largest to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards in Europe in this activity.

“With MaaT013, our most advanced product currently in phase 3, and MaaT033, our second drug candidate, about to enter a Phase 2b trial, this is another major milestone that we have just reached and which will be fundamental to securing our market access strategy”, declared Hervé Affagard, Managing Director and co-founder of MaaT Pharma. “Thanks to our strategic partnership with Skyepharma, we managed to complete the construction of the new infrastructure within one year.”

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