One dead, twelve injured: bloody incident occurs in Turkish elections

One dead, twelve injured
Bloody incident occurs in Turkish elections

In Turkey, local politicians are elected in 81 provinces. The outcome of the election will decide the future of the country. But in the morning there were violent incidents near the provincial capital Diyarbakir.

According to authorities, clashes broke out between two groups in the predominantly Kurdish southeast of the country during local elections in Turkey. The Ministry of Health said one person was killed and twelve others were injured. A local official told AFP that violence broke out in the incident in a village 30 kilometers from the provincial capital Diyarbakir.

Firearms were also used, the officer said. A bullet hit the car of a local journalist.

Elections are a mood test for Erdogan

New local representatives have been elected in Turkey since Sunday morning. The polling stations opened at 7 a.m. (local time) in the east of the country, and voting began an hour later in major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul and in the west of the country. It is elected in all 81 provinces of Turkey, with a particular focus on Istanbul. The first results are expected towards the evening.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hopes to recapture the metropolis with a candidate from his AKP party. However, the ruling mayor Ekrem Imamoglu from the opposition CHP party was recently slightly ahead in the polls.

Erdogan is also confident that the AKP will win in the major cities of Ankara and Izmir, which have also been run by the opposition. The reason: The opposition has been more divided since the defeat in the presidential election last year than in 2019.

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