One Direction: Liam Payne provides new signs of a comeback

For over four years, fans of One Direction have been eagerly awaiting a reunion of the singers Liam Payne (26), Harry Styles (26), Niall Horan (26), Louis Tomlinson (28) and Zayn Malik (27). For the boy band's tenth anniversary on July 23, it could possibly be that far. In an interview with "The Sun" two weeks ago, Payne had revealed that "there are" a lot of things "that we are working on and that we want to realize". Now the singer made further signs.

In a live video on Instagram yesterday Payne spoke to DJ Alesso (28), with whom he recently released the single "Midnight". And also in this conversation the singer let through that the band members would be in contact again. "Most of us are in London," he said. They would exchange ideas via a group chat via FaceTime. However, Payne did not want to reveal what the former band members were talking about. "I can't say too much," he said mysteriously. The others would otherwise "climb the roof".

Return from Zayn Malik seems impossible

Should a reunion actually be pending, which would also explain the re-activation of the official one-direction website, one of them does not seem to be there: Zayn Malik. The musician, who had left the band in 2015, has been walking his own path ever since.

"I haven't heard or seen Zayn Malik in a long time. But I also believe that he prefers it that way," Payne said in an interview with "Bravo". The 26-year-old is not sure "whether we (the band, editor's note) can ever restore this relationship to each other". In his eyes, One Direction Malik "didn't mean as much as people suspected".

Payne found similar words in a conversation with DJ Alesso. Then came an offer that should only fuel the rumors of a one-direction comeback: "You can step in for Zayn and join the band," offered Payne. So the musicians don't seem to have written off their career as a boy band yet.