One in five children suffered from post-traumatic stress during the first confinement

While a third confinement could soon be announced by Emmanuel Macron, the French seem opposed to the closure of schools. This is also the case for the head of pediatric emergencies in Toulouse, Isabelle Claudet, who is worried that this will cause psychological problems in children and adolescents.

This Friday, January 29, Jean Castex announced new restrictions to stem the new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. If the government tries to avoid re-containment, it may be inevitable. The French seem ready to reconfigure themselves but are against the idea of ​​closing schools. Indeed, it could have serious consequences for children and adolescents.

Professor Isabelle Claudet, head of the emergency department at the Toulouse Children's Hospital, is firmly opposed to the closure of schools as her teams are confronted every day with an increase in young people with psychological problems. "We have a lot of children in hospital, who are decompensating today. There are 40 to 70% more admissions. Instead of having three to four hospitalizations a day for these reasons, we have twelve to fourteen … And that worries us a lot ", she told the Toulousain newspaper noting that some develop anorexia nervosa, others acute forms of anxiety.

As part of a study called E-COCCON, the professor and her team interviewed 380 children aged 8 to 15 and their parents to find out the effects of the first confinement on the youngest. "One in five children has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, with girls having a higher rate than boys ", she reveals. This results in particular in sleep disturbances, anger or for some a desire to stay at home also called the "cabin syndrome" or a form of withdrawal into oneself to protect oneself from the outside world.

In Italy, a study showed even more marked results because according to the figures, it would be one in three children who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Isabelle Claudet then ensures that the closure of schools "is not legitimate for the mental health of children". In addition, according to her, the circulation of the virus is lower in children because they"are low transmitters of the virus because they do not have an important respiratory form ". However, she recommends not to forget the barrier gestures in order to protect yourself from Covid-19 but also from other seasonal diseases such as gastroenteritis.

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