One night stand: The 10 most important rules

A lot can go wrong with a one-night stand. No uncomplicated sex! These are the ten commandments for nights without regrets.

The drinks are good, the music is fantastic and then, all of a sudden, there she is: this outrageously hot person. Wow! And then, unbelievably, she comes over, compliments us and engages us in conversation. After a while she says something like, “Pretty crowded here, don’t we want to go somewhere quieter?” Bingo! Because pretty much everyone knows what that means: the other person doesn’t hesitate. He or she wants to have sex! Without obligation and preferably immediately. The question remains, “To me or to you?”

Sure, a one-night stand (short: ONS) can be pretty hot when it’s with the right person. However, there is also some pitfalls, who can quickly turn the sex adventure into a flop. You should definitely pay attention to these ten sex tips.

1. One-night stand rule: Don’t expect anything

Try to remember the best sex of your life. It probably wasn’t the first time with this man or woman, was it? Familiarity makes sex better: Because then we know what turns the other person on and have the courage to state our own wishes clearly.

For this reason alone, one-night stands are rarely total sexual fulfillment, even if books and films like to claim otherwise. So it’s better not to place high hopes in spontaneous super sex – unfortunately, they are often disappointed.

Much less should you expect the person to become the love of your life. Yes, there are relationships born out of one-night stands. Far more common, however, are one-night stands that never come to anything except a one-off thing with mediocre sex at best. Completely without creative sex positions from the Kama Sutra and multiple orgasms!

2. One-night stand rule: Be selective

A little tipsy makes you loose. A full blown high unrestrained. Therefore: Keep a clear head – and be selective! Even if it’s just a one-time experience and it’s not supposed to be love.

Ex-boyfriends, friends and familiar people from the immediate environment are taboo for a one-night stand. Because we know very well that this will only cause trouble. Furthermore: Stay away from completely drunk peoplewhere nothing works anymore anyway.

3. One-night stand rule: Smooch like hell

Everyone always talks about sex. We miss other things at least as much when we don’t have a friend: conversations. Vicinity. And above all: kisses!

A one night stand is the perfect opportunity, just snogging around uninhibitedly again. Especially since the sex usually doesn’t keep what you promise it to be.

4. One-night stand rule: To you and to me

There’s a lot to be said for a one-night stand in your own four walls: you save yourself a long journey home, you can remove your make-up and brush your teeth, the next morning you’ll have fresh underwear and your favorite yoghurt is guaranteed in the fridge.

But “Zu dir” also has its advantages: It’s wonderfully anonymous and you can leave whenever it suits you. And has the unique opportunity a glimpse into the other soul to throw: Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you who you are.

So, do you want to be the star guest of the night, or do you value convenience more? Decide according to your mood! What if you don’t want the other person to know your address? Then applies: neither to you nor to me!

5. One-night stand rule: use a condom

Exchanging looks in the bar, kissing wildly in the taxi, ripping each other’s clothes off in the hallway – and then it’s like: “But I don’t have anything with me.” Pretty sobering. So bring your own condoms and deposits them ready to hand in the bedside table or handbag.

What if the person doesn’t like condoms, regardless of emotional barrier or latex allergy? Then you leave without having accomplished anything (or kick them out, depending). Using a condom is simply the top priority of the one-night stand rules. We probably don’t have to tell you that, but in the rush of things you never know.

Of course, the pill is no excuse for not using condoms. Who wants to take chlamydia, gonorrhea or HIV as a souvenir from their one-night stand?

6. One-night stand rule: Kick the person out

Some people fall into instant deep sleep all too often after sex. If you want to get rid of your one-night stand now, there’s not much that can be done with subtle references. There are only two things that help: Either say clearly beforehand “I’d rather wake up alone tomorrow morning.” Or afterwards completely charmingly offer to call her a cab.

7. One-Night Stand Rule: Don’t stay the night

After sex, who wants to get dressed and head home? When it’s so cozy in the other person’s bed! And what’s more, you could continue right after waking up where you left off.

But what seemed like a good idea at night often looks completely different the next morning: Questions like “Where am I? And who is the person next to me?” are not very suitable for improving the start of the day. And then a toothbrush, fresh underwear and other personal items are miles away. So if you’ve ended up with someone: it’s best to get out of the apartment before daybreak and go home.

8. One-night stand rule: say thank you

Quietly disappearing while the other person is still asleep is the easiest option. Of course, this only works if you went to see him/her – and it’s not really polite. A sovereign person says “Thank you for the nice night” before leaving (unless it was really horrible).

Anything beyond that Is a matter of taste: Just because you’ve exchanged bodily fluids doesn’t mean you have to do the same with your phone numbers. And if you don’t feel like meeting the person being towed for coffee or connecting with them on Instagram, just say so. Never let the other person push you into anything. Having sex with her doesn’t commit you to anything.

9. One-night stand rule: Don’t talk about it

A gentleman enjoys and is silent. With one-night stands, the rule is: enjoy and be silent, if only for the sake of fairness: After all, we don’t want him/her to divulge our sexual preferences to his/her friends.

That’s the theory. But if we’re honest: It’s just too much fun to discuss the latest adventures with friends. But the following applies here: If it is very intimate or even embarrassing things, you should only do it very much tell good friends – and only if they don’t know the person personally.

10. One Night Stand Rule: Do it again

Was it a total letdown? He or she fell asleep in your bed and then talked extensively about back problems at breakfast? Kama Sutra? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! And fun = zero? No need to break out in never again – there are plenty of interesting men and women out there. So: take a deep breath, tick off the experience – and try again!

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