One of the best sci-fi movies of the 2000s will get an unexpected sequel

Released in 2008 and preceded by a marketing of formidable efficiency, “Cloverfield” will know a real sequel, linked to its universe from the beginning. And who wouldn’t be in found footage.

It’s a sequel that comes a little by surprise. Almost as much as the original: nearly fifteen years after the release of the first opus, the Cloverfield adventure will indeed continue with a new film by Babak Anvari (I Came By, recently available on Netflix) and written by Joe Barton (Encounter scriptwriter), as advertised Deadline.

If the film does not yet have a title, it will be the first real sequel to Matt Reeves’ feature film, thought and designed as such from its pre-production. Because even if they belong to the saga initiated by the director of The Batman and his producer JJ Abrams, 10 Cloverfield Lane then The Cloverfield Paradox are feature films that we linked to the franchise later, thanks to additional scenes, in order to better sell them.

The mystery being one of the weapons of JJ Abrams, as director and producer, we obviously do not know much about this new opus. But rumors spoke of a possible sequel in early 2021, and specified that the new film would not be in found footage, a sub-genre of cinema which is based on supposedly found images that are projected to us, and of which Cloverfield had been one of the iconic feature films, along with The Blair Witch Project or [Rec].

After making an impression with its enigmatic teaser, which ended with this shot of the head of the Statue of Liberty lacerated in the middle of a New York street, the first Cloverfield had also become one of the pioneers of marketing viral, with a website full of secrets and clues hidden on the web. Will the sequel also venture into this field? With information on the origin of the monster that attacked the Big Apple? Reply soon.

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