one of the best VR games of the moment is confirmed at launch

He had been mentioned, but had not shown himself yet, After The Fall confirms his arrival on PSVR 2 in video.

After having met with great success on PCVR and PSVR, the Left 4 Dead like After The Fall will land in an ultimate edition on PSVR 2 as soon as the latter is launched.

After The Fall will throw a chill on PSVR 2

After The Fall Complete Edition will therefore arrive on February 22 on Sony’s new VR headset and will feature all the content released so far as well as two new combat zones: the hospital and the metro. In addition to its many DLCs, the game will take advantage of all the capabilities of PSVR 2 to improve its experience. We are therefore told of a field of vision increased to 110°, 4K resolution, HDR and 3D audio. Obviously, the haptic feedback of the helmet and the controllers will be put to use, as will the adaptive triggers, other flagship technologies of the PSVR 2.

For those who missed this excellent cooperative shooter, After The Fall takes players to a completely frozen post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The problem is that in addition to the cold, creatures now swarm everywhere, forming hordes. In order to survive the end of the world, you will be able to cooperate with up to 4 players to go through different missions and face absolutely huge bosses or compete in arenas by playing different competitive game modes. In any case, harvesting resources and crafting your equipment will be of paramount importance if you intend to hold your own against the invasion.

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