One Piece Odyssey: 6 minutes of gameplay at Water Seven and Enies Lobby introducing Hysteria and various aspects of the game

Whether One Piece Odyssey initially presented itself to us through the prism of an unprecedented adventure on the island of Wafordhe has since changed his tune by riding the wave of nostalgia, since we will be able to explore the dreamlike world of Memoria and thus relive in a way the adventures of the crew at Alabastabut also to Water Seven as revealed earlier this month. Not surprisingly, bandai namco now shows us in more detail the gameplay linked to this bow.

The island inspired by Venice will again offer us very visually pleasing environments, to explore by embodying the various members of the crew of Luffythe latter paying a visit to Lim. The shipyard of Galley-La Companya tour of the canals on the back of yagara, but also more common places will therefore be on the program, with various quests to be carried out. Some will be more related to the overall story of the game, since our characters will be interested in Hysteriaa world buried even deeper in this universe of memory, recognizable by its visual filter, with new capabilities. Strangely, Good Clay will even be present in this dream version of W7 ! All the clichés of JRPG will be included, since we will also discover the city sewers looking for the hideout of Frankie… This alternative history will also make us cross paths withAokiji and members of the CP9before’go to Enies Lobby where we will meet Blue Gorilla. You have to believe thatImpel Down will not be included and that the developers wanted to include them anyway. The character evolution system is also shown, requiring cube fragments to collect.

Bond Artspowerful special attacks triggered by three characters that you must unlock by completing the Memory Link quest, in which you will have to repair memories in the world of Memoria and understand the bonds that unite the members of the Straw Hat crew.

The release date of One Piece Odyssey As a reminder, is set for January 13, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC. It is available for pre-order on Amazon from €54.99.

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