One Piece Odyssey: A gameplay video on the Water Seven arc – One Piece Odyssey

At the beginning of this month of November 2022, we learned that the Water Seven narrative arc would indeed be present on One Piece Odyssey, in addition to the Kingdom of Alabasta. On this day we have the right to a videocomprising gameplay footageas to this bow.

Gameplay on the Water Seven Arc from One Piece Odyssey

Remember that it is via the world of memories, or “Memoria”, that players can discover Alabasta and the Water Seven arc on One Piece Odyssey. Besides, by going to Water Seven, we will be taken to face iconic enemies and being part of CP9, including Lucci and Kaku. Of course we can freely explore the citymeet many NPCs and accomplish different side quests. Besides, dungeons will also be there and will offer challenges.

Moreover, this new visual communication allows us to know more about at the Bond Arts, or “Linking Techniques”. These are so-called “attacks”. specials and power-ups that three characters can trigger. These will need to be unlocked by completing the “Memory Link” quest, according to the latest information shared.

As a reminder, on One Piece Odyssey, we will be able to embody all the members of Luffy’s crew. Moreover, each of them will have their own abilities and techniques, which will evolve over the course of the adventure.

One Piece Odyssey is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on January 13, 2023, in multiple editions. The PC version of the title will be available the day before, January 12, 2023, on the Steam platform.

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