One-Sheet-Pan: Delicious, uncomplicated dishes from one sheet

One sheet pan
Delicious dishes from a tray

Simply put all the ingredients on a baking sheet and look forward to a delicious dish.


One-Sheet-Pan is a new food trend that makes cooking child’s play. The highlight: All you need to prepare the uncomplicated dishes is a baking sheet!

One-Sheet-Pan: This is behind the food trend

One-sheet meals are food that only in the oven on a tray or in a form has to be cooked, additional pre-cooking or searing of the individual ingredients is not necessary – this saves a lot of time in the kitchen and conveniently has hardly any dishes to wash up afterwards. For the tin dishes come primarily Fish, meat and vegetables in question, while pasta or rice are less suitable because they have to be cooked. There is also no sauce, instead the ingredients are seasoned with oil, spices and herbs.

Tips for your one-sheet pan

  1. Don’t make the baking sheet too full: If possible, the ingredients should be next to each other and not on top of each other on the tray so that they are optimally cooked.
  2. Note different cooking times: Harder vegetables such as carrots or potatoes take more time than zucchini, for example. Fish and meat also usually have to be placed on the baking sheet later.
  3. Don’t skimp on oil: The ingredients for your one-sheet meal should be well oiled so that they don’t burn or dry out so easily.
  4. If you a baking sheet recipe with rice or pasta want to try, you should use a deep drip pan or casserole dish and pour plenty of broth or other liquid over the ingredients.

The best one-sheet pans

We have put together three delicious one-sheet dishes from the BRIGITTE kitchen for you:

Pollack from the oven

The saithe are accompanied by celery, paprika and leek, and ginger, garlic and soy sauce give the recipe a spicy note. Since everything is cooked in parchment paper parcels, you don’t even have to wash the dishes. About the recipe: Pollack from the oven

Chicken fillet with oven vegetables

First, onions, aubergines, zucchini and cherry tomatoes are baked in the oven, a few minutes later chicken fillets with a herb crust are added. The one-sheet pan is ready in just 30 minutes! To the recipe: Chicken fillet with herb crust and oven vegetables

Skrei on oven vegetables

With this dish, too, the vegetables cook in the oven before the winter cod is added. We also serve a yogurt dip to round off the quick meal. About the recipe: Skrei on oven vegetables

kr / Teaser picture: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock