OnePlus will launch its first folding smartphone in 2023, it’s official

OnePlus throws itself into the deep end! The brand will market its first folding smartphone in the course of 2023. For the moment, we have little information on this product, but many hopes.

The OnePlus 11

Rumors of a OnePlus folding smartphone have been swirling the net for a long time and today the brand has decided to take the plunge. At MWC, she announced that a “Fold” would arrive sometime in 2023.

It was during a round table organized at the Barcelona fair that Kinder Lui, the president of OnePlus, made this announcement. Yes, the folding OnePlus will be marketed in the coming months!

OnePlus announces the upcoming arrival of its folding smartphone

What does this “OnePlus Fold” look like? The manufacturer did not say so. What will be its technical characteristics? Mystery. Her name ? Not a word. Kinder Lui was content to give the main lines :

“Our first foldable phone will have the OnePlus signature, fast and smooth experience. It must be a high-end phone that does not settle because of its foldable shape, in terms of industrial design, mechanical technology and other aspects. We want to launch a device that aims to be at the pinnacle of experience in today’s foldable market”

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The objective is therefore clear: walk on the toes of the kings of the segment, like Samsung. We can imagine a terminal that would be inspired by the Oppo Find N2, which would therefore fold like a flip smartphone. OnePlus could also opt for a book format, with a vertical fold. Everything is possible.

The biggest question concerns the price of the smartphone. While folding chairs are beginning to see their prices drop over the years, they remain confined to the high-end market. OnePlus could choose to shake up the market with a much cheaper terminal. After all, that’s how she got famous.

Now only remains to scrutinize the announcements of OnePlus. For the moment, not a word more about this mysterious product, but there is no doubt that the brand will communicate about it very soon.

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