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Online dating: new opportunities during the corona crisis

Swiping to the right instead of smiling at the supermarket checkout: Online dating is becoming increasingly important for singles, especially during the Corona crisis, since getting to know them offline is practically impossible. But what actually happens when you have written up and cannot meet for weeks? How do you keep in touch? What are the alternatives?

More women are now using online dating

Many dating platforms are experiencing strong increases in their user numbers, such as LemonSwan. "We are registering significantly more new registrations and the activity on the platform is increasing massively," CEO Sabine Schöler told spot on news. Especially among women, the dating platform has seen significant growth – around 30 percent. The Lovoo platform also announces an explosion in users and length of useful life.

The dating platform Tinder also registers significantly more new conversations than normal, and on average these conversations last much longer than before the crisis. By the way, most of the yearning for a new partner in the Corona crisis is for Berliners: In the capital, LemonSwan records an increase in female new registrations of more than 60 percent, with Bavaria in last place with 20 percent.

New features on online platforms

But getting to know each other exclusively online also comes with complications: If you use the apps in a less densely populated area, for example, you quickly come across the message that there are no other people to discover. Tinder came up with something about this a long time ago: the Passport function, which you can use to find your way around the world, regardless of where you are. Typically, this feature is only available to Tinder Plus and Gold subscribers, but until April 30, Tinder will make the premium feature available to all members free of charge.

The dating platform Lovoo is also working on new functions. Live video features have been on the platform for a long time, with virtual dating games like "NextDate". These are now being used particularly intensively: The makers of the live streaming platform observed an explosive increase – 25 percent in the past week alone. Now we are working on a "1 on 1" video chat so that users can get closer.

Find a partner in the corona insulation

So what is the best way to proceed if you do not want to pause partner search during the Corona crisis? Parship coach Eric Hermann advises people who feel lonely to use the modern means of communication extensively: "Now is the time to make more calls, make more frequent video calls and chat extensively."

The crisis can also be used positively: "What used to be a pastime at the bus stop may now really be a chance to get in touch for a long-term partnership," said the Parship Coach. The most important thing now is not to lose optimism. "It will also be different again. Dates often run very quickly and superficially. A break also offers opportunities to become more aware of what is really important in a promising contact."

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