Online shopping: is it possible to exchange it without the original packaging?

Online shopping
Is the original packaging important for the exchange?

This package is packed for return – but is everything included that is important for the exchange?


When ordering online, many of us keep the original packaging for a possible exchange to be on the safe side – but is it really necessary?

Online shopping has grown explosively in the pandemic. No wonder – when the regular shops are not open, of course many of us quickly grab our smartphones and computers to place an order. Of course, with the multitude of online sales, the number of returns has grown exponentially. This is exactly why many of us are particularly careful with the original packaging, because after all, it may still be needed for a return. Or maybe not?

Online shopping: returns without packaging?

In fact, the intact original packaging is not as important as we need it to be. Stiftung Warentest once compiled the most important information about online returns and came to a completely different result. See in the video what you actually have to pay attention to when returning.

Source used: SpotOnNews