Only hurdles when buying: Florida allows concealed carrying of weapons for almost everyone

Only hurdles when buying
Florida allows concealed carry weapons for almost everyone

After the recent bloodbath at a school in Tennessee, calls for stricter gun laws are growing louder again. In Florida, meanwhile, legislation is going in a different direction. If you want to carry a gun there in the future, you no longer need a license.

In the US state of Florida, citizens may in future carry concealed weapons without a special license. The state Senate passed a new gun law with the support of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis with a clear majority.

Previously, appropriate training and an application with appropriate verification of the applicant were required for the concealed carrying of weapons in Florida. Anyone who wants to carry a weapon concealed in Florida in future only needs an identification document such as a driver’s license. However, only people over the age of 21 are allowed to buy a gun, and a so-called “background check” is also required to verify the buyer. Convicted criminals are also barred from purchasing a gun.

27 senators voted in favor of the law in the Florida Senate in the capital Tallahassee, 13 against. Governor DeSantis, who is said to have a good chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination in the 2024 election, pledged to sign the law quickly. Concealed carrying of weapons is currently permitted in 25 states, DeSantis said at a book launch in a gun shop in the state of Georgia, adding: “We in Florida are making it 26 to come.”

The new gun law was passed in Florida just three days after another bloodbath that left six dead at a private school in the US state of Tennessee. Conservative circles see no reason for tightening gun laws, but try to use the perpetrator’s trans identity to stir up anti-trans people.

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