Only positive side? – The history of batteries

Batteries are basic sources of energy for almost all of us. We don’t even notice how often we use them in everyday life.

The development of batteries is closely related to the discovery of electricity. And after that was practically since 550 BC. Chr (Thales of Miletus) permanently sought. By rubbing amber with an animal skin, he discovered that he could attract small particles of straw and feathers to cloth. Hence the name electricity comes from the ancient Greek word for amber: electro. In 1780, while doing research in Bologna, the Italian doctor Luigi Galvani discovered that a frog’s leg twitches when it comes into contact with iron and copper. He himself believed this to be an electrical effect and called his discovery animal electricity. His experiments were later continued by Alessandro Volta from Como and Volta actually managed to create the first precursor of the battery. Cardboard discs soaked in salt solution separated thin copper and zinc discs from one another: the voltaic pile was complete. It was the year 1800. Around 50 years later, mass production of lead-acid batteries began. It was then Thomas Alva Edison who presented the first so-called alkaline batteries around the turn of the century (1901). In other words: nickel-iron batteries with alkaline electrolytes, which are formed by the reaction of carbon dioxide from the ambient air with caustic soda. This is how sodium carbonate is formed in the electrolytes. The Swede Waldemar Jungner also used alkaline electrolytes instead of acid. The American John B. Goodenough first used lithium as a positive pole for batteries in 1986 and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this in 2019. Which brings us to today’s batteries: Duracell Specialty 2032 lithium button cell 3 V, pack of 4Childproof technology, for use in key fobs, scales, wearables and medical devices (CR2032 /DL2032)€4.27Click here for batteries.VARTA Batteries Button cell CR2450, pack of 2, Lithium Coin, 3V Childproof packaging, for Small electronic devices – car keys, remote controls, scales-27%4.39€Click here for the batteries.VARTA batteries AA, Industrial Pro, alkaline battery, 1.5V, storage pack in environmentally friendly packaging, Made in Germany [Exklusiv bei Amazon]40 pieces16.14€Click here for the batteries.VARTA batteries button cells CR2032, lithium coin, 3V, childproof packaging, for small electronic devices – car keys, remote controls, scales,(5 pieces) pack of 1-78%3.40€Click here for Battery.Amazon Basics AAA Alkaline Batteries, High Performance, 1.5 V, 36 pieces (Appearance may vary)9.76€Click here for the batteries.Intenso Energy Ultra AA Mignon LR6 Alkaline Batteries, Silver40 pieces-39%8.05€ Click here for the batteries.Duracell Plus C Baby alkaline batteries, 1.5V LR14 MN1400, pack of 46.65€Click here for the batteries.VARTA batteries AA mignon, 40 pieces, Power on Demand, alkaline, 1.5V, storage pack in environmentally friendly packaging, Made in Germany [Exklusiv bei Amazon]17.09€Click here for the batteries.Caution! Batteries also have a negative side: the acid. Be careful with small children! There is a risk of small children swallowing batteries (especially the small, round ones), so keep batteries out of the reach of small children. You can find more product recommendations in our comparison portal, current offers and discounts can be found in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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