Onxeo withdraws from the Nasdaq First North market in Copenhagen

Photo credit © *ONXEO

( — Onxeo SA indicates that the Combined General Meeting of August 17 adopted all the resolutions presented in line with the recommendations of the Board of Directors.

The shareholders notably approved the delisting of the company’s shares on the Nasdaq First North market in Copenhagen, and granted full powers to the Board of Directors to carry out the delisting.

The company will formally request, in the coming days, the delisting of the Nasdaq First North to the Danish stock market operator.

After market operator approval, the shares will be effectively delisted from the Nasdaq First North market after an additional 10 weeks.

The company plans to organize the automatic exchange of shares so that Danish shareholders can trade their Onxeo shares on Euronext Growth, with the same ISIN code (FR0010095596).

No changes will be made to the number of ordinary shares or to the rights attached to Onxeo shares and the shares will continue to be traded on Euronext Growth Paris. The share capital of the company will therefore remain unchanged.. The company will provide further details when delisting approval is obtained from Nasdaq First North.


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