Ooh, yes! Men tell us what they like best about sex


Ecstatic cries, erotic moaning, dirty sluts or clear announcements – what does he like to hear from us during sex? These preferences were shared by men at Reddit.

Let’s face it: During sex, a wrong word can spoil everything. If a man in bed called me, for example, “Bitch” or “Mama”, dryness and drought would break out right away! But are there any sounds or words that can fuel lust and passion? Sure, that’s it! At ” Reddit ” men have shared their dirty talk tops – and they are not as sophisticated and messy as you might fear …

What men like to hear during sex

1. Expressions of genuine joy and pleasure.

  • “Honest enthusiasm”
  • “No talking, just that she surrenders to her lust”
  • “Lustful moaning”
  • “Expressions of honest desire and passion”

2. Please get it to me!

  • “I like groaning and sucking and a dose of dirty talk and requests”
  • “I like it when she looks at me and says to me” please come in me “- nothing frees my animal like that …”
  • “That she really wants me!”

3. Everything except nothing!

  • “Everything’s fine, whether it’s dirty talk or natural sounds like moaning, if it’s quiet, it’ll spoil my mood very quickly.” 
  • “Everything but silence”
  • Words, but moaning and wheezing are okay too, silence only works if I gagged them … “

4. Instructions.

  • “Instructions on what to do and what to like”
  • “The first few instructions, for example a hot-and-cold scale – how and where does it get warmer …?” 

5. Authenticity.

  • “I want to hear that she’s really in the thing, no special words or noises, if she’s a screamer, yell, make a mess, get out of here, instructions … ‘da!’, ‘Tighter!’ but I have to believe she will not do a show for me,  but … please do not ‘daddy!’
  • “Do not make fun of me or fuck me … unless you’re absolutely convincing, then I’ll probably fall for it.”

Well, who would have thought that? Looks like most men want to (first of all) hear that we have fun and enjoy sex with them. And if they fulfill their part in doing so, we can fulfill their wish for once exceptionally …