OpenAI, Google & Co.: “The race for AI is far from decided”

OpenAI, Google & Co.
“The race for AI is far from over”

Holger Schellkopf is a tech journalist and editor-in-chief of T3N. For him and many in his industry, artificial intelligence has long been a big topic. So big that it may even have become a buzzword. So far, the reporting has been “as if you were trying to nail pudding to the wall,” said Schellkopf in the ntv podcast “So techt Deutschland”. But suddenly there are real existing applications and everyone can do something with AI.

Holger Schellkopf deals with innovation, digital transformation and modern work, among other things.

(Photo: Bernhard Huber)

The AI ​​hype is real and so is the race for market dominance. And that is far from decided. Tech giants like Microsoft with OpenAI and Google compete with each other.

In order for Germany not to fall behind, it needs more venture capital and the political prerequisites, says Schellkopf. In any case, there is no lack of potential. In the field of artificial intelligence, this is currently being demonstrated by the Heidelberg startup Aleph Alpha, which claims to be able to keep up with the OpenAI or Meta applications with its AI language model.

So techt Germany

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