"Operation Renaissance": Karine Le Marchand reacts (with firmness) to the accusations against her program: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Karine Le Marchand surely not expecting it. His new obesity show, titled Operation Renaissance, is at the heart of a huge controversy, even before its broadcast on M6. The latter was however thought and presented by the facilitator in person. "Everyone has an opinion about obesity, she explained to TV Mag, before continuing, "Like many people, I used to think that all it takes is will power and a little sport to get over it. However, it is a disease that has many factors and often has its origin in emotions. misjudges overweight people and they are not represented at all. Who is obese today on TV, in movies or in commercials? I wanted to give them the floor " she confided.

Indeed, Operation Renaissance promises to follow the journey of ten people in morbidly obese situation who chose to go through bariatric surgery to reduce the size of their stomachs. Karine Le Marchand is even godmother of the Institute which will be highlighted during the program. A subject decried by many people.

His response to criticism

Broadcast from Monday 11 January 2021 on M6, Operation Renaissance, the new show from Karine Le Marchand, who was affected by anorexia, is far from unanimous. Especially with the Gras Politics collective, which rebelled against the show on Twitter. "Obese people are considered living dead as long as they fail to lose weight". Gras Politique is also at the origin of a petition against the broadcast of the program which has already received more than 15,000 electronic signatures on January 9, 2021. Far from being let go, Karine Le Marchand wanted to respond to the collective: "When we launched Love is in the Meadow, people said we made fun of farmers. This is no longer the case today. I prefer denounce something and change people's outlook rather than doing nothing for fear of controversy. I came away humanely from this adventure with a whole different opinion on obesity ". Accused of being the source of "manifest ethical and financial conflicts of interest " by Gras Politique, Stéphane Plaza's sidekick assured to be godmother "without consideration" to AFP quoted by Pure People.

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