Ophélie Winter: after her descent into hell the singer returns more radiant than ever: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

She was one of the stars, some would even say starlets, of the 90s. Ophélie Winter has surfed these years in true fashion and pop culture icon for thousands of teens. This tall, slender blonde with finely cut features, perched on platform shoes and adorned with fluorescent crop-tops, has been for a long time a real fantasy machine. But in September 2019 it is rumored that the interpreter of God gave me faith would be on the street. Returning from Dubai where she lived, the singer would even have cut ties with her family and would not be found. Some say then that she would wander the streets of Paris and that she would refuse the outstretched hands of her friends. But little by little the former companion of Alain Chabat goes up the slope and accepts the help that is offered to him. On February 2, 2020, the former host of the Hit Machine post a picture of her in winter sports where she seems to find a smile.

Ophélie Winter is back after several months of absence

Saturday May 23, 2020, Ophélie Winter this time published a photo in a different frame but just as heavenly. The 46-year-old singer wears a broad smile, her eyes masked by sunglasses but her radiant expression. She also captioned her photo with a message that exudes newfound happiness: "Simply the pleasure of being able to get out and walk on the beach. Excellent weekend to all"What to delight and above all reassure his fans and subscribers, probably very happy to see her climb up the slope. "Happy for you. After dark days come the light on you and this lovely serenity "," What a pleasure to see you again and to know you are happy ", can we read among the comments left by some of them.

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