Oppo Find x3 Pro: With this phone you can see a billion colors

Oppo Find x3 Pro
With this cell phone you can see a billion colors

The Oppo Find x3 Pro lies comfortably in the hand and shines with its colorful and sharp display.

© Oppo

The Find x3 Pro from Oppo is real innovation. From sensational displays to microscope cameras to Hans Zimmer’s ring tones.

With the Find x3 Pro, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Oppo has succeeded in several respects. From the design to the built-in technology, users hold a sophisticated high-end device in their hands. However, that also costs a lot of money. Is the price of 1,149 euros appropriate?

More color

Oppo is the premium brand within the BBK Electronics group and with this claim the manufacturer also markets the Find x3 Pro. It starts with the design: The back of the device is made entirely of glass and encloses the camera panel, which is classically located in the upper left corner, in an elegant and space-saving manner. In comparison to the previous model, a periscope zoom was dispensed with, probably for reasons of space, but considering the remaining cameras, this is manageable.

A technical highlight is the 6.7-inch display, which is able to display a billion colors. It enables photographers to see their pictures on the mobile phone display as they were taken – and not only when they are being processed on the computer. This is underlined, for example, by the “National Geographic” photographer Keith Ladzinski, who was traveling in the desert as part of a cooperation with Oppo to test the performance of the Find x3 Pro. His verdict: “It’s a gigantic step forward.”

AI assistance and full manual control

Not only the 4K display and the 50-megapixel front camera are impressive, the microscope camera is also a technical highlight. If it is activated, a ring LED lights up to provide light in front of the lens. Then owners of the Find x3 Pro can press the trigger from a millimeter and make fibers in the wood, pores on the skin or small veins in the foliage visible. This opens up new creative possibilities that no other mobile device offers. In addition to successful AI support, it also has a Pro mode that allows users full control over white balance, ISO values ​​and the like.

The rest of the hardware is also impressive: the Adreno 660 processor works quickly and reliably. Compared to its predecessor, which was still installed in the Find x2, it delivers 35 percent more performance with 20 percent less power consumption. 12 gigabytes of working memory and 256 gigabytes of hard disk space complete the interior. In addition, the built-in 4,500 mAh battery can be charged wirelessly. With all the hardware power, doesn’t the weight automatically lapse? No, proves Oppo. The Find x3 Pro weighs just 193 grams.


The Oppo Find x3 Pro delivers technical innovation that comes at a certain price. This is particularly worthwhile for people who use their camera a lot and do not want to compromise on image quality. And there is also innovation in the supplied sound: Hollywood composer legend Hans Zimmer (63) composed ringtones and alarm tones for the x3 Pro, which you won’t find anywhere else. The Find x3 Pro does not need to shy away from the comparison with the flagships of the competition – on the contrary.