Optical illusion: man or dog – what is in this photo Video


Optical illusion
Man or dog? This image confuses the network

Take a good look – what can really be seen in the picture often only reveals itself at second glance


In this photo, a man throws himself into the deep snow – or is it a dog? The picture causes lively discussions on Twitter – and what do you see on it?

What happened?

A picture confuses the Internet and causes lively discussions: You can see a deeply snow-covered forest and … yes, that's the question. Some users clearly see a man in the picture, others a dog.

There are sometimes great similarities

Yes, the gag was obvious – but actually the two species are generally quite easy to distinguish, right? In fact, the answer can be seen very clearly – just not at first glance.

Then why do so many people disagree about this?

That's a good question – it may have a lot to do with the size of the image too. On a computer monitor, the matter is perfectly clear – while the same image on a smaller smartphone display, however, just as clearly has a completely different answer. Psychologists even see a personality barometer in the photo.

Really? What does the picture reveal about the viewer?

The British "Sun" asked a developmental psychologist exactly this question. It was completely clear to him: What we see in this photo is on the one hand related to which part of the picture we look at first – and on the other hand to our current state of mind ".

Most of the time, my mind has little to do with what I see with my eyes, and I don't have pizza dancing in front of my nose just because I'm hungry.

No, of course it doesn't work that way. Other factors are more important to the psychologist. For example, the dog that many people see runs towards the camera, while the man who is just as often spotted runs away from the camera. A person who is currently nervous or generally a little pessimistic, subconsciously connects his emotions with the man who "escapes" all the trouble. Those who are bursting with optimism and self-confidence, on the other hand, are more pleased about the dog that happily walks towards them – at least says the expert.

That sounds a bit constructed. Maybe some people just have tomatoes on their eyes?

From a scientific point of view, this is also a convincing thesis.

And what can actually be seen in the picture now?

You can find out for yourself: In the video you can see the mysterious photo – and the resolution of what can really be seen on it.