Optical illusion: These rings turn your perception upside down

Optical Ilusion
These rings turn your perception upside down

Optical illusion: These rings stand still in the video, even if it looks completely different to us


What’s really going on here: are the rings actually moving in the video, or are our brains being cleverly tricked into watching them?

It’s completely insane: clearly in this video, the rings always move in the direction indicated by the arrows inside them. Only: In fact, they don’t do that at all. Even if you are sure after looking at them several times that the rings are in motion, they are still in the same place. But how is that possible?

Optical illusion: These rings trick our minds

As the Youtuber “johnmikoaus” explains, the illusion does not work with the arrows, even if it seems so at first glance. In reality, both rings have thin rims on the inside and outside that are a different color and move at a different pace compared to the rest of the ring. Voilà: Our brain already thinks that the entire ring has to move. In the video you can see this incredible effect for yourself!

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