Optical illusion: This image changes dramatically in 15 seconds

Optical Ilusion
This picture changes completely in 15 seconds – but only real eagle eyes can see it

“Changing Room Illusion” – Do you see what changes in this room? In the video you can see the effect and the resolution.

Optical illusions confuse the senses and play tricks on the brain. In this photo, a lot changes within a few seconds – and yet almost all viewers miss it. Can you notice what exactly is changing here?

Optical illusions can occur in many different situations in life. These illusions cause the brain to perceive something that does not correspond to reality. These can be color illusions, depth illusions or even geometric illusions. The image in this video is particularly mean because it is not just a small detail that changes, but a lot of things that our brain cannot register.

Optical Illusion:Can you see what’s happening here?

This phenomenon is particularly impressive in the so-called “Changing Room Illusion”: Over the course of the video, a lot changes in this living room. But can you even notice what is actually happening in the room? You can watch the illusion in the video.

Source used: Stern.de


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