Orange finally unveils a new TV box, with Alexa to change channels

Six years after its UHD 4K decoder, the operator Orange has just formalized the “TV 6 Decoder”, which is intended to become the main means of accessing television and replay in its offers.

After years of waiting, there is finally a new TV decoder from Orange. The last three Liveboxes were launched without a TV box (2019, 2022 and 2023), Orange is finally correcting this anomaly. The operator now combines its Internet offers with the “TV Decoder 6”, with a design inspired by that of Livebox 6 and Livebox 7.

The Livebox Max offer, on the Orange website, presents “the new TV 6 decoder”
The Livebox Max offer, on the Orange website, presents “the new TV 6 decoder” // Source: Capture Numerama

The TV Decoder 6 exclusive to the Livebox Max offer

Strangely, Orange has chosen to reserve its new decoder for its most expensive offer, the Livebox Max at 57.99 euros per month, excluding promotions. The Livebox Up package, at 51.99 euros per month, which also includes the Livebox 7, retains the old TV decoder. A curious choice which will not last in the long term, since it is difficult to imagine that Orange will keep its old UHD 4K decoder, launched in 2018, in the catalog for several years.

The Livebox Max offer is the only one to offer the TV Decoder 6 for the moment.The Livebox Max offer is the only one to offer the TV Decoder 6 for the moment.
The Livebox Max offer is the only one to offer the TV Decoder 6 for the moment. // Source: Capture Numerama

Note that the Livebox Max offer also offers a second optional TV Decoder 6, for people with several televisions at home.

What’s new with Orange’s TV Decoder 6?

Six years after its previous TV decoder, is Orange revolutionizing everything with its TV Decoder 6? The answer is no.

Contrary to what the rumors mentioned, Orange did not choose to use Android TV in France (the Polish version of the decoder was entitled to it). We remain on Orange’s proprietary operating system, which existing subscribers know well.

And what’s new? The Orange site mentions the arrival of Wi-Fi 6, for a better connection if the decoder is not in the same room, as well as better performance thanks to a better chip (it makes sense). We can hope that the TV Decoder 6 will be slower than its predecessor, which is frankly not difficult. We are also moving to the HDMI 2.1 standard for display, without any notable change for the user (it is still 4K with support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos).

The Orange TV 6 decoder.The Orange TV 6 decoder.
The Orange TV 6 decoder. // Source: Orange

The real novelty of the TV Decoder 6 is the arrival of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, to control the television (the Polish version has Google Assistant). Accessible from the remote control or with the Alexa keyword (there is surely a microphone in the box), it allows you to change channels easily. A sort of throwback, after the abandonment of Djingo, his house assistant, a few years ago.

Finally, Orange announces electricity consumption down by 70%, which can only be good news. The main novelty of this 2024 edition decoder is undoubtedly its new, more modern design, even if it is undoubtedly not a sufficient element to motivate a renewal.

Configuring Alexa on the TV6 Decoder.Configuring Alexa on the TV6 Decoder.
Configuring Alexa on the TV6 Decoder. // Source: Orange

In the coming months, Orange should launch its Orange TV application on Apple TVs and Android TV boxes. Enough to make decoders less essential than before, since many French people will be able to do without them completely.

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