Orange made a Chrome extension that detects phishing sites

Intended initially for internal use, HookAlert uses artificial intelligence to detect whether a site is real or fake. It then sends the user to the correct site.

Do you know Orange Telephone, an excellent application available for all operators which indicates whether the number calling you is malicious or whether it wants to approach you?

In the future, Orange could launch a new service to improve the digital hygiene of its customers: HookAlert. Its concept is the same asOrange Telephone, but for sites. It takes the form of an Internet browser extension and analyzes web pages to detect imitations of known sites.

HookAlert uses artificial intelligence

The strength of HookAlert is that it does not depend on a list present in a database, but on generative artificial intelligence. Where many competing services are unable to detect a scam that has just appeared, HookAlert will analyze the URL, the appearance of the page and its design to determine a malicious percentage. If the latter is high, HookAlert sends a pop-up to indicate that the site is probably phishing, that is, it imitates the appearance of a real site to absorb personal data. If the user accepts their offer, they will scan the page to get more information about the scam.

This site, which really exists, imitates the Orange login portal.  Hookalert detects it.  // Source: Numerama
This site, which really exists, imitates the Orange login portal. HookAlert detects it. // Source: Numerama

In the case of a site which imitates the portal, HookAlert will suggest that its user go to the real site if they wish. It’s a useful tool for people who might leave their Gmail details out of reflex, without thinking about who’s asking for them.

Soon available for everyone?

Initially, HookAlert will be deployed to Orange employees. Its developers are targeting January 2024, but could one day go further.

“We are focusing on employees today to accumulate data and refine the model. It’s up to marketing if they think the product is satisfactory.” explains Orange to Numerama during its Open Tech Days conference. If the extension is deemed efficient and effective, it could very well be offered to all users one day, whether they are Livebox customers or not.

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