Orange network: Lebara continues its crazy promotions with 40 GB and 100 GB plans at rock bottom prices

Black Friday is not over yet at Lebara. Until December 5, it remains possible to subscribe to the 40 GB package at €5.99 or, for the biggest consumers, the 100 GB package at €9.99. Both are non-binding and benefit from the quality of the Orange network.

Black Friday promos continue at Lebara Mobile – Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Black Friday was a great opportunity to sign up for a cheap mobile plan. If you missed the D-Day promos, there are still some great deals you can turn to. This is the case with Lebara Mobile’s 40 GB and 100 GB prepaid plans. On sale since Black Friday, they are still displayed at low prices at present: €5.99/month for the offer with a 40 GB 4G envelope and €9.99/month for the one with 100 GB. There is no commitment or time limit. After the first year, the rates will remain just as attractive.

Lebara 40 and 100 GB packages: details of the offers

The 40 GB package is suitable for both small and medium consumers. It provides enough mobile data to browse the internet, listen to music streaming or watch online videos. In addition to 40 GB of 4G internet in mainland France, this non-binding package also includes unlimited calls and texts to France.

For consumers who spend more time online surfing, streaming, or gaming, the 100GB plan is a better fit. It is much more generous in data, which will prevent you from running out of data before the end of the month. It is also accompanied by calls and SMS to France.

Note that Lebara Mobile uses the Orange network. Its two packages will allow you to take advantage of the best mobile network in France (according to ARCEP), whose speed can go up to 150 Mbit/s in 4G and up to 655 Mbit/s in 4G+.

The advantages of subscribing to Lebara Mobile

Their low price is not the only advantage of Lebara Mobile plans. They are also non-binding (cancellable at any time) and without term conditions. No unpleasant surprises to be had after the first year.

These are also prepaid offers. In other words, you pay in advance for the services you will use during the month. This system has the advantage of avoiding unwanted extras. And you have two options for recharging: go to a point of sale or link a bank card to your subscription and opt for automatic renewal every 30 days.

Lebara Mobile offers simple and flexible subscriptions. No need to travel to subscribe to the package. Subscription is done online and does not require a contract or RIB (Bank Identity Statement). The MVNO also offers you flexibility by allowing you to pause or stop your subscription at any time from your customer area.

Note that the SIM card is free with Lebara (against €10 usually with other operators). As a bonus, the operator offers you 2 GB of free data for the first month, and you have the option of keeping your current phone number. To do this, simply give Lebara your RIO code at the time of subscription.

This article is a sponsored post offered by Lebara.

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