Organize the World Cup but refuse the world

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CHRONIC. The 2022 sporting event was for the “Arab” world an opportunity for revenge on a hated West. And Qatar was able to restore its image.

By Kamel Daoud

2022, FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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The 2022 World Cup endorses the power of the Qatari lobby-state, a beautiful staging of a so-called “Arab” or Muslim culture, its splendor and its particularities, but cruelly sheds light on other realities: the so-called “Arab” world wants splendor but without modernity, wants to internationalize but by exalting its differences, wants to welcome but is afraid of the “contagion” of these so-called “universal values”, wants to move forward but towards its prestigious past. Wants Qatar but with the ideas of the caliphate. For certain currents of opinion in these countries, the World Cup was above all an opportunity to redo the imaginary war and raise the crowds against the so-called decadent West. “The biggest loser in this World Cup is the Zionist entity, which was surprised by the extent of the hatred of the Arabs…

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