Orhan Pamuk: “I persevered! »

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50 YEARS OF THE DOT. The Nobel Prize for Literature writes a text for “Le Point” and also offers us, exclusively, a few pages of his sketchbooks.

by Orhan Pamuk

Nobel Prize for Literature 2006

Author of the masterpiece “The Museum of Innocence”, the Turkish writer wrote for “Le Point” this text on the theme of the refusal of despair.

He also offers us, exclusively, a few pages of notebooks where he records and draws what he observes.

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Jdid my military service at the age of 29, in the city of Tuzla, near Istanbul. My university degree gave me the rank of aspirant, I was confident. Apart from the anecdote I am about to relate and a few other similar memories, I had nothing to complain of.

From time to time, for example when our section of forty men was in the dormitory and we were trying to sleep on our bunk beds, or when we were waiting in a room for the rain to stop, finally when no officer was there to watch us, one of the pranksters in the section said very loudly, so as to be heard by everyone: “Hey guys, the guy says he’s a journalist, but he doesn’t work for any newspaper! » General laughter. Then the…

Bradley Secker/PANOS-REA FOR “LE POINT” – Courtesy Orhan Pamuk/Gallimard (x2)

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