Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry: actor and his pregnant fiancee on the way home

You're in a hurry: Actor Orlando Bloom (43, "Pirates of the Caribbean") and his fiancee, pregnant pop singer Katy Perry (35, "I Kissed A Girl"), are traveling back to the United States to protect themselves from the corona virus . As the Hollywood star announced on Instagram, he wanted to go home and quarantine: "Stay healthy, you out there," the actor said to his fans in the message. "Put yourself in quarantine (…), do the right thing for you and your family and play it safe (…) In a few weeks we will defeat this nasty guy", the star winked, alluding to the virus.

Bloom had shot the second season of the Amazon series "Carnival Row" in Prague, but the shoot had been canceled due to the corona virus and Donald Trump's announced 30-day entry ban for Europeans into the United States. This will apply from midnight on Friday, however not to US citizens and their families, or to Britons like Orlando Bloom. He still wanted to go back to the U.S. before the entry stop, Bloom said.

Katy Perry was in the same hotel as Tom Hanks, who had coronavirus

His fiancé Katy Perry also packed the bags. According to Australian media reports, the pregnant singer flew home from Sydney on Friday. Perry had come to collect a benefit concert for the areas hit by bushfires. However, she was accommodated in the same hotel as Hollywood star Tom Hanks (63) and his wife Rita Wilson (63). Both have the corona virus.

Perry and Bloom had recently surprised their fans with the news that they were expecting their first child together. A few days ago Perry sprained his thumb. The 35-year-old nevertheless performed at a sports event in Melbourne. Now security comes first.