Orpea draws lessons from its general assembly

( — Orpea draws lessons from its Estates General and takes a first series of concrete measures.
This Monday, September 26, the Group organized the restitution of its Estates General of Old Age, simultaneously in its nursing homes in France. This session of exchanges and dialogues, between all the stakeholders, was intended to allow everyone to express their expectations and suggestions for better supporting old age and guaranteeing the safety and well-being of seniors and employees.

Last spring, all of ORPEA’s stakeholders were invited, from May 13 to June 11, to some fifty of the group’s establishments in France in order to participate, express themselves, debate and thus bring out solutions to best meet everyone’s expectations. This great debate brought together 1,800 people (residents, families, employees, health and home care professionals, partners, elected officials, associations, etc.). A web platform open from May 1 to the end of August has made it possible to complete this system with more than 10,000 connections.

Today, ORPEA facility directors presented their residents, families and employees with a summary of the lessons learned from these debates and discussed the first lines of thought. This restitution is made up of testimonies, challenges and proposals. Concrete measures have thus been identified as essential for:
– Take better care of residents, employees and caregivers
– Develop a real dialogue between the EHPAD and the families of residents
– Strengthen the personalization of support and care
– Ensuring real autonomy for the Directors of establishments.


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