OSE Immuno: publication in Science Advances of data on CLEC-1, its new myeloid immune checkpoint

Photo credit © ChaunuPictures

( — OSE Immunotherapeutics SA announces the publication in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances of data from a first-in-class preclinical program with CLEC-1, a novel myeloid immune checkpoint target in cancer immunotherapy.
The academic collaboration carried out with the team of Dr Elise Chiffoleau at the Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology in Nantes has made it possible to identify CLEC-1 as a checkpoint.
CLEC-1 is a receptor expressed by myeloid cells inhibiting key pro-phagocytic and cross-activating functions of T cells, thereby limiting the antitumor immune response.

The article, titled “CLEC-1 is a death sensor that limits antigen cross-presentation by dendritic cells and represents a target for cancer immunotherapy”, reports fundamental findings and preclinical results showing that CLEC-1 is a new point of myeloid control that interacts with a newly identified ligand, TRIM-21, and confirming the therapeutic potential of CLEC-1 antagonist antibodies as an innovative cancer immunotherapy.

Nicolas Poirier, CEO of OSE Immunotherapeutics, commented: “We are very pleased with the publication of these data on CLEC-1 in the journal ‘Science Advances’. This confirms both the potential therapeutic value of the research program of our innovative ‘Myeloids’ platform in immuno-oncology, and the quality of our strategic academic collaboration with Dr. Elise Chiffoleau’s team on CLEC-1 All the results on the first ligand of CLEC-1, overexpressed by several types tumors in humans, such as pancreatic, liver or colon cancers associated with high medical need, and the new preclinical efficacy data generated by our patented antagonist antibodies, pave the way for future clinical development in continuity of the SIRP?/CD47 axis, whose anti-SIRP? antibody is already in clinical development at OSE.”


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