Oskar Roehler: In "Joker" a criminal is portrayed as a hero

The "Joker" with Joaquin Phoenix (45, "Walk the Line") got eleven Oscar nominations as the psychotic killer clown. The film by director Todd Phillips (49, "Hangover") has the greatest chance of winning one of the coveted gold boys at the ceremony on February 9 in Los Angeles. The blockbuster is controversial, however. Author and director Oskar Roehler (60, "Elementary Particles"), who has already produced some excitement himself, explains what his scandal potential is.

In his opinion, a symbol of the scandal in this film is the scene in which the Joker dances on the roof of the car in the middle of a lynching mob: "You heroize a criminal, a completely insane murderer," Roehler explains of this controversy. But the filmmakers are clever enough not to leave the scene at the end.

"What could be considered the actual end of the film suddenly no longer applies," continues Roehler. The Americans are "just adept enough to build a film politically first and then completely depoliticize it" and to give the whole thing a socially acceptable label with "Joker". "Joker actually describes the classic stroke of luck in American cinema," says Roehler.

In the run-up to the release of "Joker" in October there had been increased security measures in the USA. The authorities saw potential for identification of the potential threat in relation to the title character and, according to a report by the "Variety" magazine, increased the police presence on the opening weekend.

Since 2018, Oskar Roehler has presented as part of his Tele 5 series "Scandal! – Films that made history" why legendary but at the time controversial canvas works caused a sensation. The new season starts on January 31st at 10:20 pm with the film "Nymphomaniac".