“Otherwise I would have exploded”: Koma probably saved Cologne professional from death

“Otherwise I would have exploded”
Koma probably saved Cologne professional from death

Doctors find a benign bone tumor on the spine in Sebastiaan Bornauw. The operation to remove it, however, ended almost fatally, the defender of 1. FC Köln had to be put into a coma. Bornauw thanks the doctors and is happy to be able to sit on the sofa without pain.

Football professional Sebastiaan Bornauw from 1. FC Köln spoke about life-threatening situations and borderline experiences in connection with a back problem. “The doctors had to put me in an artificial coma for 24 hours. 20 years ago I would have died 90 percent,” said the 22-year-old defense attorney in the current episode of the club documentary 24/7.

According to his own statements, the Belgian continued to play until the end of January despite the increasing back pain. After the 3-1 win against Bielefeld (January 31), he could no longer sleep and sought medical treatment. Bornauw was last on the field on January 24th, played 17 out of 18 possible games until his failure, each over the full 90 minutes.

“The doctors found that I had a benign bone tumor on my spine. A so-called osteoid osteoma that had to be surgically removed,” said Bornauw. But there were complications that were dramatic. The necessary operation in Belgium could not initially be carried out because of an allergic reaction. He had to be put into an artificial coma for “24 hours”. “The doctors told me my body temperature rose by one degree per minute. If you hadn’t reacted within a few minutes, I would have exploded,” reported Bornauw.

However, the doctors were able to stabilize the professional. “The doctors reacted great and did a good job, and now I feel good. A week and a half later we made up for the operation and everything went well,” said Bornauw. The defender is currently working for his comeback, thinking “day by day”. Bornauw: “I even sit pain-free on the sofa. I wouldn’t say I feel reborn, but I’m already very well.”