Ottfried Fischer on church wedding: “The flow is out now”

Ottfried Fischer on church weddings
“The flow is out now”

Ottfried Fischer and his Simone canceled their church wedding.

© imago images/Manfred Siebinger

Ottfried Fischer and his Simone have canceled the planned church wedding. “The flow is out,” explains the cabaret artist.

Ottfried Fischer (69) and his Simone have been married since 2020. A church wedding was also planned after the celebration in Passau, Lower Bavaria. But there won’t be, like the cabaret artist and actor now in an interview with “t-online” approved.

“Because of Corona, we had to postpone it so often that the flow is out now. Celebrating the church wedding is no longer as necessary as it was then. Besides, I can’t stand this backdrop between tulle and tears,” said Fischer . And he points to a scheduling problem: “And now we have so many round birthdays coming up, I don’t know where we should still accommodate the wedding.” Ottfried Fischer himself will be celebrating his 70th birthday on November 7th next year.

Ottfried Fischer is not a “believing person”

When it comes to church weddings, of course, there is also the question of faith. Is Fischer a Catholic and a believer? “I’m a member of an ‘ideological Catholic traditional costume association’. I can’t leave because I’ve felt a part of it from an early age. So much for Catholicism,” he jokes at first.

Then he adds: “But I’m not a believer. However, I’m slowly getting to an age where I think about whether faith can’t be seen as an investment for hope.”


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