Our best short haircuts ideas for gray hair

Sporting your gray locks has never been so trendy. But it is still necessary to have the appropriate haircut to highlight its pretty reflections. Going short is the guarantee of a stylish cut. Want to give it a try? Discover our selection of short haircuts for gray hair in tune with the times that you will not be able to do without. Selection.

Gray coloring, more trendy than ever

More than a question of age, gray coloring is one of the trendy hair shades of the moment. The stars love it just like the women in the street. Those with graying roots no longer hesitate to display them proudly and definitely forgo the repeated discolorations that damage their hair. This liberation of gray hair results from the body positive movement which consists in taking responsibility for your body and being proud of it, but also from the desire for more naturalness for your beauty routine.

A short haircut on gray hair: why is it a good idea?

When you decide to take responsibility for your roots, you have to wait several months or even years before the silver color covers all of the hair. In order to avoid the two-tone effect, the short cut is a good alternative for the transition. It allows you to gently adopt gray hair, and fully assume its transformation.

The short cuts that have not finished seducing us

While gray hair paired with a short haircut guarantees a bold look, there are plenty of trendy hairstyles that showcase a silver mane and emphasize facial features. The most important thing is to bet on a textural effect. A pretty hair mass will enhance the natural shade. The very short cuts bring modernity to the style while the squares are available as you wish for a glamorous finish.

The bob

This timeless square suits all face shapes. It combines femininity and elegance. It is also an easy haircut to boost, with a wavy for example or a straightening wand.

The pixie cut

This boyish cut, which keeps coming back to the fore season after season, has the advantage of guaranteeing a quick transition between colored hair and natural undertone.

Gray coloring: what mix & match for short hair?

If the gray coloring impresses, it is quite possible to approach it gently. For this, we focus on colorings that harmonize perfectly with cold tones such as ash blonde, pink or purple. These allow you to tame silver undertones without too drastic a change. To test !

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The right shopping to maintain a short haircut on gray hair

the PhytoArgent shampoo from Phyto neutralizes unsightly yellow reflections. Its formula with Edelweiss extract with antioxidant properties protects the hair fiber. Associated with a softening Cornflower extraction and Jojoba Milk which strengthens the hydrolipidic film, white or gray hair regains a beautiful natural color. The hair is luminous and protected. The fiber is soft and silky. € 10.50 – 250 ml.

The Maria Nila Sheer Silver range contains everything silver hair needs to reflect light: purple pigments and blackberry extract that neutralize golden tones and give hair strength. The range includes a shampoo and a conditioner, as well as a mask to be used once or twice a week. Most ? Its fresh scent of orange and grapefruit which is enhanced by floral touches of jasmine, violet and gardenia. What else. Price from 24 €.

the pure blond shade treatment by Christophe Robin is a mask that neutralizes yellow or copper highlights and brings purity and shine to blond, white or gray hair. Its pigmenting and nourishing action revives the color, which becomes brighter and more beautiful. 38 € – 250 ml

the Anti-yellowing shampoo with organic Centaurea by Coslys neutralizes yellow reflections, protects and enhances radiance. Its vegan formula is suitable for both gray and white hair as well as blond. We love its generous 500 ml bottle, 100% recycled, recyclable and refillable. 12 € 50 – 500ml

THE’Floral water of Cornflower Messicole certified ORGANIC by Fleurance Nature is astringent, brightening and moisturizing. It is sprayed directly on the hair to give it pretty benches and / or silver highlights. 11 € 20 – 200 ml

The organic solid shampoo Gray Hair by Cosmonaturel has a moisturizing and yellowing action. Composed of 100% natural ingredients, it is as good for the hair as it is for the planet. € 7.10

The Evoluderm Liquid Keratin Shine Mist acts as a flash of light on the hair. A true concentrate of radiance, this leave-in mist with keratin repairs the hair fiber and brings beautiful reflections to the hair in a single gesture. 3 € – 300 ml

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