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Our best Thermomix® recipes: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

"Today I’m making a couscous Thermomix®!"Hélène, childminder, dreamed about this multifunctional robot for a long time before buying it. And since she decided a few years ago, she has not regretted it:"For cooking, we are sure not to be mistaken, it's a great bonus. And then it’s much faster to cook. We put all the ingredients in it and just choose the time and the temperature. It's a real time saver and the cooking is perfect", she enthuses.

Another big advantage of the robot cooker according to her, the varoma®, little name of the steam basket: "There, I'm going to put the semolina, but I also use it for the fish and the chicken breast. We put it on top of the vegetables and that's it. You can cook a whole dish in 20 min and everything is perfectly cooked. Compared to a pressure cooker, there is no photo! And then it allows you to do things that I would not be able to do otherwise."An ideal tool when you start slimming recipes!

Thermomix® recipes: which desserts?

If it’s perfect for preparing balanced meals, the robot is also useful for desserts: "I made a perfect rhubarb compote, I really found the taste of my childhood. And I also use it for more complicated preparations: the floating islands are inexhaustible. Sorbets, creams and sauces, everything that I did not cook before, I am sure I will succeed. With the integrated scale, it’s only happiness!"

Quick recipes with Thermomix®

To cook with Thermomix®, the Vorwerk robot, you must follow the official recipes. "They are all good. But my favorites are the veloutés. I couldn't do them so well. In the robot, with a carrot, a potato, an onion, you make a magnificent velouté."

The limits of Thermomix®

Although very satisfied with her multifunction robot, Hélène notes some disadvantages: "The bowl is not very large. It's good for recipes of 2 to 3 people, but not beyond. Otherwise you have to do it several times. Unless you have 2 bowls …"She is also thinking of purchasing an additional bowl.

Another small defect according to her: the stews. "For a beef bourguignon or a stew, I prefer them to the casserole, when it simmers for a long time. We could simmer with Thermomix®, but it’s not so good."

The food processor therefore has more than one advantage under the hood. It even seems that men like it a lot, its technology makes the most resistant to try their hand at cooking. A great opportunity for sharing tasks!

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