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What could be more authentic than a good pancake with sugar, or homemade caramel? For Candlemas, return to the delights of our childhood with easy and homemade recipes. Praline, Suzette, or Belle-Hélène, so many delicious and warm toppings that remind us of rainy afternoons by the fireside.

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The grandmother's pancake recipe

To make a pancake batter like your grandmother, here is the recipe:

For 8 to 10 pancakes, preparation: 10 minutes; wait: 2h.
Pour 250 g of flour in a salad bowl and make a hollow in the center. Add 4 beaten eggs with 10 cl of milk, 25 g of sugar and 1 pinch of salt. Mix by gradually incorporating the flour, from the edges to the center. Mix with 40 cl of milk and stir in 25 g of melted butter. Leave to stand for 2 hours.

The pro tip: give lightness to your pancakes by replacing the milk with as much beer or cider. Let sit at least 30 minutes.

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Traditional sweet toppings

Because the basics are good, we put on simple but effective flavors. Pancakes with sugar, melted chocolate or even flambé, as many possible combinations for a successful pancake party.
In a double boiler or in the microwave, melt a few squares of dark chocolate. Spread it on your pancake, then decorate it with fruit (like bananas), coconut powder. You can also grate a little white chocolate and a little milk chocolate above your base, to make a pancake with three chocolates!

⋙ Watch the video to make the real flambé Suzette pancake.

Our accompaniment ideas for sweet pancakes

Homemade jams with instant salted butter caramel, it's easy to enjoy yourself while cooking. You can make a caramel sauce in just a few minutes, to accompany your pancakes:
With this praline pancake recipe, make your own delicious almond and hazelnut praline sauce. Most : do more and fill a jar to enjoy it again for several weeks.

As for the spread, you can also make it home very easily: in your blender, add 200g of hazelnuts, 200g of cashews, two tablespoons of coconut oil (or other vegetable oil with a slightly marked taste) then mix. In a bowl melt between 1/3 and a half bar of pastry dark chocolate (according to your convenience), add the melted chocolate to the preparation. Mix, and mix again if there are pieces left. Put your spread in an earthenware jar, you can keep it for at least three weeks in the refrigerator.

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