“Our goal is to bring the public from social networks to television”, exposes Xavier Niel in front of Arcom

Auditioned this Wednesday by the media regulator, Xavier Niel presents “Six”, his project for the TNT frequency held so far by the M6 ​​channel.

This Wednesday, February 15, Xavier Niel, president of the company NJJ Holding is auditioned, with his teams, by Arcom. At stake, his candidacy to take over the TNT frequency held by the M6 ​​channel for thirty-six years. The file, filed on January 23 by the boss of Free, was scrutinized by the media regulator. Alongside Xavier Niel, were also heard, Maxime Lombardini, President of NJJ Project 5523, Ombeline Bartin, project engagement officer, Estelle Lafoy, program officer and Olivier Abecassis, digital media expert.

About twenty people worked on this file, in a short time. And the team that accompanied us is made up of television professionals», Starts Xavier Niel first. Immediately, he points out his intention to create a new channel. ” I believe that few people think that there could be a new entrant in this world. This is one of the reasons for the decline of television, I think, in favor of social networks and platforms“, he adds. Xavier Niel expresses his desire to bring young people back to television.

“What bothers me is that it is algorithms very far from us that give us leisure time, especially our children. I am not confident to leave our public debates to Chinese or American actors”.

Xavier Niel

To attract these young people, the channel’s linear signal would be distributed free of charge. “We want to be present on all screens and use the power of social networks. These platforms and social networks plunder TV content. We want to plunder their audience“argues Xavier Niel. He takes as an example the broadcasts of certain television shows on the Twitch streaming platform, which streamers may comment on to their audience. The latter are often denounced by the channels, which Xavier Niel deplores. In the idea, the string “Sixwould, on the contrary, leave the opportunity for videographers to comment on their broadcasts.

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Investment in creation

Xavier Niel’s team also intends to invest massively in creation. “ As soon as the frequency is obtained, we will launch very open calls for tenders. We are committed to broadcasting, two evenings a week, original fiction“, he detailed. For the first year, a broadcast target of 70 original creations at the start of the evening has been set. ” We are also committed to researching new formats with a budget of 5 to 8 million per year“, said Estelle Lafoy, during the question and answer session. In addition, Xavier Niel, already known for having founded the computer school 42, intends to couple this project with training. “ With Channel Six, I also want to create a new school capable of adapting intellectual property and training Show runners.“.

In addition, Xavier Niel’s team proposes to recreate a regular box, on Thursdays, dedicated to cinema. Every Friday evening, an evening would also be dedicated to documentaries or music shows. Here again, the boss of Free, underlines his desire to reconnect with the youngest. “ We have artists like Booba, who fill stadiums and are a hit on social networks, but are never broadcast on television.“, he explains. While fighting against the platforms. ” Youtube, Tik tok and Spotify do not have a monopoly on musicadded Xavier Niel.

Two sections of information at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Finally, Xavier Niel has never hidden his ambition to renew information on television. He intends to addSixto news reference channels like France 2 or Tf1 without, however, recreating an 8 p.m. newscast. On the other hand, a daily news meeting, lasting 90 minutes, would be broadcast at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. All with a dedicated passage “to a debate around the news with various profiles“. Pellet “what do you see», intended for 8-10 year olds, would also be created, to teach children how to decipher an image or a news photo.

The wording could be made up ofa hundred journalists“with a managing editor” over which the editorial staff itself would have a right of veto“. Xavier Niel also stressed that the independence of this editorial staff would be respected. “ The shareholder should never be able to intervene to protect private interests“. The boss of Free insisted on his desire to recruit young information talents. “Every year, we have at least 400 young journalists coming out of school“.

In total, 70 million euros would be devoted to new heritage creation, 60 million euros for streaming programs, 19 million euros for music and 25 million euros for cinema. In addition, Xavier Niel has undertaken to retain control of the channel for 10 years. To conclude their presentation, the “Six” teams presented a video of their project. Against the backdrop of Billie Eillish, the young 21-year-old successful singer, images taken from social networks such as the Z event, the charity event broadcast on the Twitch platform. Recovering young people, from 8 to 25 years old, is clearly the ambition of “Six”.

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