our greatest fear is confirmed

Xiaomi’s communications director confirms that the Mix Fold 3 will never be released outside of China. This excellent competitor to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, on paper, will never see the light of day in France.

Source: Xiaomi

This week was marked by the presentation of the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 in China. As the name suggests, this is the 3rd generation of foldable smartphones made by the Chinese telephony giant.

On paper, the smartphone holds its own against Samsung’s recent Galaxy Z Fold 5, in particular thanks to more generous screens in a lighter chassis, very fast charging and greater photo versatility. Unfortunately, and as one might expect, we will have to give up on the telephone in France.

Exclusive to the Chinese market

The announcement was made by Daniel Desjarlais, Xiaomi’s communication director on X (formerly Twitter).

Source : @Daniel_in_HD

We can read a publication unequivocally: the “Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 will be available exclusively in mainland China“. In other words, the smartphone will never be released in the West, let alone in Europe or France.

The foldable smartphone market is currently mainly held by Samsung, which is the only manufacturer capable of producing cutting-edge devices in sufficient volume for international availability. The situation is a little more mixed for flip smartphones, thanks to competition from Motorola and Oppo.

As for the book format similar to the Galaxy Z Fold, we should soon be able to discover Honor’s response in Europe, but a two-player market does not become competitive. Most foldable smartphones remain confined to the Chinese market for the time being. There is the American counter-example of the Google Pixel Fold, but it too has decided to dodge the French market.

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