our selection for a new beauty routine

Inviting new gestures, beauty products in stick form renew our entire beauty routine. Adopt them with our selection of smart sticks!

The stick remains a format that we know above all through our nourishing lip sticks and / or our deodorants, however, it is far from being limited to these only care products for the face and the body. If it is not, however, one of the most widespread formats in the field of cosmetics, it can still take a prominent place in beauty routines as long as we know its multiples. uses.

Unfortunately, most of us end up using this clever format only on rare occasions if we do not count the many times we treat our armpits to protect them from bad smells or apply care. on his lips to prevent them from chapping. Make-up, care and even perfumes, many beauty products already exist in stick form. Why not enjoy it ?

The different beauty products available in stick format

On the skincare side, you can find moisturizing sticks for the face and around the eyes, or even cleansers, masks and scrubs for the face or even sunscreen. Certain specific treatments such as mattifying / pore blurring products, radiance maximizers or even targeted treatments for pimples are also available in this format.

On the makeup side, in addition to lipstick sticks which are very common, you can also get foundation, blush or even eye shadow in this format.

Finally, certain perfumes are also revealed in this solid and easy-to-apply galenic to allow us to perfume ourselves differently.

The advantages of beauty sticks

With their nomadic formats sometimes lighter than liquid formats, and which do not have the disadvantage of leaking into bags like the latter, stick products have more than one argument to seduce us and become our new ones. essential beauty. Their formula sticks offer an intuitive, fun and therefore easy application, which generally allows the product to be distributed correctly over the desired area. Not bad to save time during the evening or morning beauty ritual?

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