our selection of must-have white trainers

Sneakers are spring-summer essentials. This year 2022, white sneakers are still on the rise. Selection.

The sneakers are certainly the shoe that everyone has in their closet. And for good reason, it is available in multiple colours, shapes and materials. The “must-have” pair is certainly white sneakers. Why ? Because it suits all outfits. Indeed, it can be worn with wide leg jeans (the most trendy of spring-summer 2022), but also with wide pants, a long skirt, a spring dress or a blazer pants set… It is suitable for all styles!

If they are adopted with a trendy floral dress (it also works with short skirts or pleated trousers), their role will be to break up the romantic side of the outfit, to create a more modern style. If you wear them with wide oversized jeans and a crop top, then they support the streetwear side of your outfit. Either way, they add a little something to your look.

Which pair of white sneakers to choose?

The choice is so vast that it is easy to get lost. Nevertheless, trust your tastes first before looking at the particularly trendy models this spring-summer 2022. Be aware that platform sneakers (medium or very thick) are very fashionable. They make it possible to slender the silhouette and add style to an outfit. We also love white sneakers with a touch of color like pink or orange, two shades very suitable for this summer season. Discover our selection of trendy white sneakers for this spring-summer 2022.

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