Outlander – Blood of My Blood: Big surprise – the love story of Jamie’s AND Claire’s parents awaits you in the spin-off


The spin-off “Outlander: Blood of My Blood” has found its main cast. We can expect a double portion of romance, because not only do Jamie’s parents fall in love in the series, the story of Claire’s parents is also told.

Outlander season 7

Outlander Season 7 (Source: Themoviedb.org)

“Outlander” ends with season 8, but supplies have long since been provided. The spin-off “Outlander: Blood of My Blood” not only tells the love story of Jamie Fraser’s parents, but also that of Claire Beauchamp’s parents. Now filming has finally begun in Scotland and the actors for Claire and Jamie’s parents have been chosen.

These are the actors of Jamie and Claire’s parents

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In an Instagram post, US broadcaster Starz reveals that Harriet Slater (“Pennyworth”) will take on the role of Ellen MacKenzie, Jamie’s mother, while Jamie Roy (“Condor’s Nest”) will play Brian Fraser, Jamie’s father. Claire’s mother, Julia Moriston, is portrayed by Hermione Corfield (“Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation”), while Jeremy Irvine (“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”) plays Claire’s father, Henry Beauchamp.

The series will therefore deal with two love stories in parallel that take place in different times. The story of Jamie’s parents takes place in the Scottish Highlands at the beginning of the 18th century. Claire’s parents met in England during the First World War.

Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts has already expressed his joy to the US magazine Deadline:

We are so excited to tell the stories of these two couples. The origins of their relationships explore universal themes that transcend time, and we look forward to fans discovering and falling in love with these characters and their love stories, just as they did with Claire and Jamie.

Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts on “Blood of My Blood”

The spin-off will have a total of ten episodes. In addition to his showrunner duties, Roberts will also executive produce alongside Maril Davis and Ronald D. Moore. “Outlander” novelist Diana Gabaldon will be a consulting producer.

In this country, the “Outlander” spin-off will be shown on the Amazon channel Starzplay. Season 6 of “Outlander” only recently started on Netflix.

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First broadcast

October 1, 2024

First broadcast in Germany

October 1, 2024

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