Outlook will finally replace the Mail and Calendar apps

Microsoft is set to replace the Mail and Calendar apps with the all-new Outlook desktop client on Windows 11, which will make life easier for many users.

Microsoft has announced that it is finally saying goodbye to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 11. From 2024, all new Windows 11 devices will ship with the new Outlook for Windows softwareweb-based, as the default messaging experience, according to a support page posted by the company.

The disappearance of the Mail and Calendar applications is not really surprising, because the new Outlook has been tested for a long time and has already replaced classic apps in beta versions of Windows 11.

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End clap for Mail and Calendar on Windows 11

Although the Mail and Calendar apps are technically still available for download on the Microsoft Store until the end of 2024, new PCs running Windows 11 will ship with Outlook instead. ” Starting in 2024, new Windows 11 devices will ship with the new Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox app, free for everyone “.

Current app users will have the option to switch to the new Outlook by following the on-screen instructions provided by a toggle in the apps. The new web-based Outlook for Windows client will be available to Office 365/Microsoft 365 subscribers, but consumers with personal email accounts (such as Gmail or Outlook.com) will also be able to use the application on their PC.

The new Outlook for Windows offers a much improved experience over the old Mail and Calendar apps. It’s a free app that doesn’t require a subscription and includes AI-powered features to improve email composition. We remind you that the application is very inclusive, since you can also connect your Gmail or Yahoo accounts to Outlook.

Either way, the move away from Mail and Calendar should save users from having to switch between apps to access their appointments and other events, since everything will now be available on Outlook.

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