Overslept and late? 4 quick hairstyles that always look good

Late or just not in the mood?
Fixed hairstyles that always look good

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Missed the alarm, pressed snooze for too long, or just fell asleep again? So that the morning routine can go smoothly, here are quick hairstyles for those who are late or simply don’t feel like a complex styling procedure.

Actually, you always take enough time for styling in the morning and then it happens: crap, overslept! So that you don’t look it, we’ll tell you about last-minute hairstyles – for styling lazybones and snoring noses!

1. No half measures – or are they?

Let’s be honest: It doesn’t get any faster! For the half bun, separate the top section of your hair and tie it in a ponytail. Then you turn the section around itself until a small bun has formed and pin the remaining hair. How simple and cool can a hairstyle be?

2. The sleek look

Actually you wanted to wash your hair this morning? Well, bad luck – there really is no time for that anymore! It’s a good thing that the next hairstyle can help, because even greasy hair can be quickly processed into a style suitable for going out. To do this, you pull a middle parting, simply comb your hair back tightly and smoothly, tie it in a deep bun or ponytail and then fix the whole thing with a good load of hair wax or gel. When everything is in place, all that’s missing is hairspray. This not only hides the greasy roots, but also protects you against storms and rain.

3. Are you stuck?

Remember those big hair clips that everyone loved in the 90s? They can be seen everywhere and in hundreds of designs and have certainly saved one or the other bad hair day. And we too now have a whole collection of these things – they are simply too practical. So if your hair is annoying you or doesn’t look quite as fresh anymore, you can tame it with a large bobby pin. Twist all your hair up, then fix it with the clip and then pull out a few more strands. This completes the undone look.

4. When all else fails

Often only known from red carpets, but the emergency hairstyle when neither dry shampoo nor hair clips help: the wet look. In plain language this means: Comb all your hair back and smear it with gel. At first glance it may seem unusual, but it looks totally elegant and it doesn’t matter whether the hair was greasy beforehand. what more do you want


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