Overwatch 2 details its action plan for a healthier gameplay framework

The “Defensive Matrix” ofOverwatch 2 aims in particular, according to Blizzard, to “protect gameplay integrity” and to “create a safer community in and out of the game“.

This will notably involve mandatory double authentication by SMS for accounts, including for players who have Overwatch first of the name in boxed version. Blizzard also mentioned that its Negative Behavior Detection System will extend into audio conversations, based on player reports.

The most controversial measure concerns what Blizzard calls the “first user experience“. The studio, which would be based on testimonials from new players who were a little lost on their arrival, thus decided to gradually unlock the content of the game for newcomers. After a few games (“rapidly” Blizzard tells us), they will be able to unlock all game modes and chats in-game. Then, after a hundred matches, they will gradually obtain the characters of the first Overwatch. Most of these restrictions will be lifted for playing with friends.

As for competitive games, they will only become accessible after winning 50 quick matches (and no longer after reaching a certain profile level, the latter being removed because of prejudice before the games). An approach that would allow Blizzard to better analyze the level of each and refine the matchmaking, but which is also in addition to the above measures to combat cheating and harmful behavior. The developers also specify that a real task force was set up, internally but also thanks to external partners, to make the game a healthier environment. Remember that this will only concern new accounts created from October 4th.

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