Overwatch 2 hasn’t been released yet, but it’s already getting people talking

You will have to play 100 games to unlock all the old heroes in Overwatch 2. Something to discourage newcomers.

On October 4, Blizzard Entertainment will launch Overwatch 2, sequel to a competitive FPS that will completely give up its place. To best prepare for this release, the company has shared some information, especially for newcomers who might be interested in this free-to-play title. But on reading the press release published on September 27, they will have reason to be discouraged.

In Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment has decided to implement what it calls the first user experience (FTUE, for “ First Time User Experience “). Created specifically for those who will embark on the universe with the second opus, it consists of integrating a gradual progression, with elements that will be unlocked as the games are completed. Problem ? The numbers put forward, just to get all the characters, are frightening: Blizzard Entertainment mentions “ a hundred matches “.

Overwatch 2 // Source: Blizzard Entertainment

100 games to unlock all Overwatch 2 characters

If we take into account the duration of a game (between 10 and 15 minutes), access to all the old heroes in Overwatch 2 could take between 17 and 25 hours. Blizzard Entertainment’s justification is perfectly legitimate: the idea is not to knock out neophytes with too large a cast. But still, the task promises to be very time-consuming for people who have never immersed themselves in this universe.

To this constraint is added a second: to participate in competitive matches, newcomers will have to ” win 50 quick games “. We are talking about ” win “, not of “ to play “. ” This allows them to prepare for the higher expectations that competitive play entails, while assuring regulars that their teammates will still have some experience in the game. “says Blizzard Entertainment.

There is, however, a way – paying – to bypass these tedious steps: buy the Observatory pack, charged €39.99. Generally speaking, the business model behind Overwatch 2 seems to be divided between those who will be forced to chain the games a little stupidly (“grinder”, as the purists say) and those who will agree to pay. For example, we can unlock the new character Kiriko by reaching rank 55 of the battle pass or have it immediately by paying 10 € for the premium model. This disparity reminds us that Blizzard Entertainment has a lot of trouble with the economy of its video games – like Diablo Immortal –, even if the disappearance of the loot boxes is to be applauded.

Another point that should be talked about: the obligation to link your account to a telephone number – mobile – to play Overwatch 2 (authentication will go through an SMS). Blizzard Entertainment sees it as a way to combat cheating and misguided attitudes. That’s probably a bit extreme.

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