Overwatch 2 hits 35 million players, Blizzard confident of commercial success

Last October 4 came out Overwatch 2which replaces the first paying component with an economic model free-to-play and novelties, such as Heromaps and a new game mode. A title that will have attracted more than 25 million players in 10 daysbut a month after the launch, Blizzard already reassessed.

In its latest financial statement, the studio focused on the case ofOverwatch 2announcing thatit now had 35 million players. The developer does not mention daily attendance, but claims that many players are new to the franchisethat is to say who had never played Overwatch 1 before. the free-to-play attracts, there were twice a month of players on the first installment a month after its release in 2016, which was sold out.

Blizzard finally affirms thatOverwatch 2 should be “a significant contributor to the activities” of the studio in the coming months, despite an economic model that is struggling to seduce. As a reminder, the developers recently polled players regarding the free-to-play and the skins sold in the shop in-game. Finally, Blizzard reminds thatOW2 will be entitled to regular additional content, namely Heromaps and game modes added over the seasons, not to mention the PvE long-awaited co-op. Besides, the 36th Hero Ramattra was unveiled during the final of theOverwatch League last weekend. You can find products derived from the game on Amazon.

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